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Inactive Members 1.2.3

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Inactive Members and Real Last Activity is a suite of tools and enhancements for your IPS Community, designed to help you measure real last activity, notify users based upon real last activity, and ultimately manage inactive members.

  • Are you looking to re-engage old or inactive members?  
  • Are you looking to automatically clean out inactive members? 
  • Are you looking to overcome the hidden activity of anonymous users?

Inactive Members and Real Last Activity by @Fosters adds three powerful tools into your admin toolkit to help you intelligently manage the activity of your members.

Inactive Members

Inactive Members adds new rule-making capabilities to your Members tab in the ACP which empower you to engage inactive members and attract them back; manage inactive members by automatically moving them to another membergroup or permanently deleting them; and automate the entire setup  in a seamless and constant back-end process.  

Choose the number of inactive days.  Select the action.  Save.  

Other features on Inactive Members include:

  • Write multiple rules such as 30 days, 60 days, and 180 days based on your own community activity and needs
  • Exclude certain membergroups so they stay protected from changes
  • Draft custom email messages using the powerful IPS tag system to customize it to the recipient

Real Last Activity

Real Last Activity adds a new measurement metric to every user profile on the user's actual recorded activity.  This can be used to overcome the activities of users who mark themselves as anonymous and participate in the forums without showing their activity.

Bulk Mail Filter

A new filter is added to the IPS Bulk Mail feature.  This can be used to sharpen your Bulk Mail targeting to include or exclude anonymous users based upon their real last activity on your community.  For users who want to stay anonymous but who actively visit and participate on your website, you can now target them better with your community newsletters and mailings. 

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