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The forum forbids:

1.1 It is forbidden to register nicknames with obscenities, nicknames with the direct nature of advertising their (third-party) site, as well as use the same nicknames as those of moderators and administrators - nicknames will be deleted or blocked.
1.2 It is forbidden in the chat, topics, signatures and profile status: to swear, insult any users, write obscene language, abuse, and transliterate in all other languages except Russian, write only in capital letters (Caps Lock), write posts in red ( except for moderators and administrators), asking questions regarding ban removal, complaints about administrators, moderators and other project participants is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN; there are special sections on the forum; use slang, such as: blah, eprst, pzdts, ska, etc. - regarded as a mat, hidden mat, abuse.
1.3 It is forbidden to advertise other sites, links to forums or similar information on topics that are not relevant to our project; infringement of the rights of users in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and other legislation; discussion of server hacking and harming users and forums.
1.4 It is forbidden to write meaningless answers (flood), ridiculous jokes (insulting), trolling (pressure on the user). For non-compliance, an immediate penalty is expected from a decrease in reputation to a ban for a day
1.5 It is forbidden to change the user's reputation (+ 1 / -1) without reason.
1.6 It is forbidden to one user to register more than one account.
1.7 It is forbidden to use vulgar and cruel avatars, swastika or vandalism.
1.8 It is forbidden to quote posts without the need, the readability of such messages is extremely unpleasant, there is @ to contact the user.
1.9 We ask you to hide screenshots (images) in posts, the readability of messages with non-hidden images is extremely unpleasant!
1.10 It is forbidden to argue with the moderators and administrators of the forum! It is also impossible to discuss the actions of moderators and administrators.
1.11 It is forbidden to discuss the same issue in different sections, in different topics, or to duplicate topics and posts in different places of the forum (for constant non-compliance, the moderator has the right to reduce your reputation).
1.12 Before creating a topic - make sure that the topic of the section is correctly selected.
1.13 For the distribution of purchased files, your account may be canceled and blocked.

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