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Staff Applications System 1.7.6

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Вы ищете персонал? Девелоперов? Или что-нибудь еще? Это приложение поможет администраторам / модераторам, найти людей.

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Are you looking for staff? Developers? Designers? Or anything else? This application will help admins/moderators to find people to help in their boards.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the features for this resource:

  • Extra Fields
  • Module to add Positions on ACP (moderator, webdesigner, developer, etc)
  • Ability to inform how many places the position has. Example: you can create an application record to "hire" 3 moderators.
  • Ability to move the "winner" member to a group chosen group (you inform the group when you're adding the application record)
  • Ability to restrict the application by: Content count, Reputation points/likes, Number of days as member, Minimum age and groups
  • Ability to create a topic at every new application submission.
  • Module on ModeratorCP to view all pending records from all applications
  • Compatible with most important features from IPS 4.2 (Recommended Comments, Content Message, Reactions, Member History, Richer Embeds, etc.)
  • Integrated to the framework: Tag system, Follow System, Report system, Search system, Share Links, etc.
  • Moderator actions on applications and comments/reviews
  • Moderator permission to approve/reject applications
  • Ability to create RSS feeds from member applications
  • Etc.

Permission: NO ONE except staff (with proper permisison) will be able to view/read or know who are the applicants. All that regular members will know is the number of users who applied to it.


Что нового в версии 1.7.6   Просмотр изменений


Совместимость с IPS 4.7.3.

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