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Member & Staff Tools 1.1.3

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Member and Staff Tools by @Fosters is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help enhance and add missing functionality for Users and Moderators.  Instead of a dozen small plugins, you can get one tool to handle some of the most-requested missing features of IPS 4:

Account Deletion

  • Report other members
  • Approve validating members in front-end

And much more!  Member and Staff Tools will immediately empower your members and staff to be able to manage their accounts with useful features and enhancements. 

Staff Features

  • ModCP Validating Member Approval - Your moderators will be able to manage the validating/approval waiting members on the front-end.
  • ModCP Account Deletions - Your moderators will be able to handle deletion requests from members.
  • Online Status - A green dot will be displayed next to a members name in topics showing his online status
  • Banned Members - A strikethrough will cut through all names of banned members

Member Features

  • Account Deletion Request - Your members will be able to request to delete their account
  • Member Report on Profile - Your members will be able to report other members directly from their profile
  • Post Areas - A new tab on the User Profile will show how many posts the user made in each section
  • Hide Profile to Guests - Your members will be able to hide their profile from guests for privacy

If any actions are required, a new menu will appear to your moderators for quick access.

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