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(SD) Company Directory 3.12.0

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Информация о файле

(SD) Company Directory 3 is an application designed for IPS Community Suite 4. With this app you gain new possibility to enhanceyour community.

What do you gain through the app  (SD) Company Directory 3?

  • abbility to create unique place in your community, in which members can create business cards
  • abbility to build reputation of business card through reviews and ratings
  • abbitlity to comment business cards
  • abbility to present place on Google maps

Example realizations

  • Company Directory
  • Shops directory
  • Events directory
  • freelancers directory

Application (SD) Company Directory can be used anywhere where we would like to present something that can be put in a physical location on the map.


  • Sorting profiles
  • Purchase package in Commerce (nexus)
  • Expiring profiles
  • Abbility to connect country with city
  • Contact form in profile
  • Offline message
  • Widget newest profiles
  • Abbility to copyright removal
  • Permission to contact form
  • Customer center
  • Profile view statistics
  • Alpabetical list
  • Profiles filter
  • Discount codes
  • Predefined tags
  • Additional main view
  • "Favorite" profiles
  • Additional profiles
  • Additional profile locations
  • Abbility to connect field with categories when adding
  • Abbility to require state/city when create profile
  • Additional category view
  • Price list page
  • Change profile owner
  • Abbility to change language description on mobile + default description in current member lang
  • Ability to check-in when you physically visit the company
  • Member can set own seo name
  • Abbility to turn on/off profile comments/opinions
  • Abbility to turn off Contact e-mail address field
  • Additional validation postal code field. Allowed chars are digits and dash
  • Abbility to hide company profile autor
  • Abbility to change sorting profile in categories
  • Abbility to create profiles specializations
  • Abbility to filter companies by: states, cities, specializations
  • Additional fields in company opinion
  • Abbility to verify profile
  • Ability to add profile without maps
  • Ability to update profiles after an update package
  • Profiles verification in the customer panel
  • Abbiliti to add comment in verification request
  • New search profiles
  • Ability to add city by user
  • Selected groups can avoid paying
  • Abbility to assign specialization to category
  • Abbility to turn off check-in functionality
  • Abbility to turn off follow profiles
  • Abbility to turn off global search
  • Ability to provide short and full name of the company
  • Abbility to random order companies in widget
  • Microdata
  • Integration with (SD) Sales Portal Pro
  • Application redesign
  • News system
  • Nearby companies
  • Remove global search
  • Predefined Social Media
  • Possibility to define opening hours
  • RSS for news
  • Ability to add more than one review for company
  • Changes to sitemap
  • Importer
  • Tab in the profile "visited company"
  • Ability to disable feature "You have not found the city? Add it"
  • Widget: "Latest opinions"
  • Widget: "Latest visited companies "
  • Own validator for post code field
  • Ability to edit additional fields when editing an opinion
  • Ability to filter on additional fields
  • Ability to assign additional fields for all categories automatically
  • Ability to disable the specialization system
  • Moderation tools in the category view
  • Extension stream activity (presenting: add to favorites, check-ins)
  • Ability to disable the verification system
  • Ability to disable requirement to mark positions on map
  • Displaying news of a given profile on the profile page
  • New look for news
  • Promoting company profiles (FB, Twitter, Our pick)
  • Recommended comments
  • Message in profile
  • Answer to opinions
  • oEmbed (profiles, comments, opinions, news)
  • Completely rewritten news system (new version includes: reactions, messages, comments, promotion, covers)
  • Ability to sort in Packages + multilanguage
  • Multicurrency in packages
  • Ability to limit package use (use limit and package only for selected groups)
  • Companies ranking (version beta)

Что нового в версии 3.12.0


  • Исправить мелкие ошибки
  • Удаление поддержки Google Maps
  • Возможность изменить значок маркера категории
  • Возможность отключить масштабирование карт для выбранных групп.
  • Возможность отключить «Планирование маршрута» для выбранных групп.
  • Новый макет выбора категории: Сетка
  • Совместимость с Invision Community 4.5

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