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Points Economy

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Points Economy


  • Create as many different points currencies as you want to fill your needs
  • Name each points currency uniquely with singular and plural formats
  • Give any points currency an automatic prefix and/or suffix
  • Points currencies can be configured with 0 to 5 decimal place precision
  • Points currencies can be exchanged with each other by permission matrix
  • Each points currency has its own exchange rate for points conversions
  • Create different banks that members can transfer points balances between
  • Set up interest rates on banks that allow members to earn dividends
  • Set holding periods per currency and per bank to fit your goals
  • Set minimum and maximum balance limits per currency per bank
  • Members can send points to other members according to permissions
  • All transactions are automatically logged to an account register for accountability
  • Manage any points balance manually via the ACP
  • Credit points balances using an expiration date that the points must be claimed by
  • Debit points balances using an expiration date to set up a due period

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    Kevin Carwile
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Приветствую как убрать видимость баланса под аватаркой?

Скрытый текст



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Правила оформления темы

1. Названия темы должно содержать смысл вашего вопроса
2. Картинки заливать на наш форум, а не на хостинги изображений
3. Красный шрифт использовать запрещено


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