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in large forum posts, the script is dropped

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Hello guys,
Excuse me for writing in English,

The problem arose from a user who did not rank a new user, started spamming the forum with a few long comments.
I have no idea why the forum crashed, I couldn't drop the topic 

he made two mistakes

Скрытый текст



Скрытый текст


the interesting admin-panel I load without a problem   /admin

I decided to delete all posts from this user that were just spam posts.

Скрытый текст


by deleting from the admin panel the posts of this user (I just want to add that this is not a bot but a real person)

Скрытый текст


After this manipulation, the forum worked normally!

and even if this person spams the forum with large (long) posts. it is not normal for the forum (script) to break ,   and cannot be opened forum until the posts are deleted

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For now I installed  cleantalk   I'm thinking of trying to see if it will work for me, because I have no problem with bots, the problem is with spam users :) who log in through a proxy or VPN and register 20-30 nicknames and start spamming, obviously their desire is to make a certain topic and in general the forum does not work, and they are real people.

I will keep you informed on this issue!

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