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Create a group (Group Promotion Rules)

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  I'm trying to do something similar
  A user who has more than 3 posts to go to a certain group in my case the group is user+

I do the following setup but it doesn't work

first I create a group where after a certain number of posts and commands users will automatically switch to the new user+ group 

imag - groups

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In the next step I create Group Promotion Rules where I describe how many comments or posts a user will need to automatically switch to the user+  group

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Next step 

Img3 Here I should set the rules after how many comments a certain user will be able to move from the group user to user+

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Am I doing the setup correctly or am I confusing somewhere? because the exact way I gave in the photos doesn't work 

Although this user has more than 3 posts it is still in the user group must be in users+

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I also do something but it doesn't work

maybe this works for a small group of registered users., for this I would give you access to check if I am mistaken somewhere

I wrote to you in a telegram


Thanks for the video, my user is recalculated which user has 100+ comments from a total of 4k, I will write to you if I have questions

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Hello, I want to say that the system has difficulties in calculating a larger number of users (in my case they are 4k +) it experiences a delay in the separation (sorting) from the user/members group to the group I specified (user +) the delay occurs to those users who have comments, posts over 100 they should automatically go to group Users+

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I think from a server point of view everything is fine.

the only thing i can do is check the  
Use cron (Recommended)
If you are able to set up crons on your web server, the server can run these tasks. This is more reliable and so is recommended if possible on your server.

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but here comes another question....
whether I need to change something on the server or not, it will change automatically?

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Yes, you need to add a task on the server

Also, pay attention to this.

VPS is usually OpenVZ, and VDS is associated with KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine). Those. the difference is that VDS uses server hardware virtualization, while VPS uses operating system virtualization.

OpenVZ technology assumes dynamic allocation of available resources among all machines. Its main advantage is the ability to change the allocated capacity limits without rebooting, in just a couple of clicks. At the same time, this approach leads to dependence on the "neighbors" on the server. Excessive load on one VPS can lead to a decrease in the performance of the entire cluster.

In turn, when using KVM, such a situation is completely excluded. Each VDS receives a strictly defined amount of computing resources and under no circumstances can go beyond their limit. At the same time, KVM is distinguished by the highest reliability, comparable to the fault tolerance of physical machines. The only drawback is much less flexibility: if parameters such as the amount of RAM and CPU can be changed after a reboot, then changing the size of disk space in some cases is simply impossible.

contabo is the cheapest provider, so you don't have to expect performance from it.

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