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Rules Super Pack - All Products + Expansions


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Rules Super Pack - All Products + Expansions

Get the complete Automation Rules family of products for a bargain price.


What's Included - $135 Value

  • Automation Rules - FULL  - 1.4.2   $35 Value
  • Commerce Rules Expansion - 1.0.2   $55 Value
  • Calendar Rules Expansion - 1.0.2   $15 Value
  • Forums Rules Expansion   - 1.0.2   $15 Value
  • Pages Rules Expansion    - 1.0.1   $15 Value

Bonus Content

  • Rules Starter Pack
  • Rule Pack - Member Pip Ranks System

Once you have purchased this product, you will also be added as a purchaser of each of the individual products so that you can recieve all future updates per the terms of each product.

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    Kevin Carwile
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