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(itzknotty) social network widgets


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(itzknotty) social network widgets

Itzknotty is a small application that brings several widgets with it to display your tweets from twitter or posts from your facebook pages / groups:

  • A widget to display the latest posts of a configured facebook page
  • A widget to display the latest live stream of a configured facebook page. The livestream widget will only be displayed if there are users viewing the stream at the moment.
  • A widget to display the tweets of a configured twitter page

There is also a page...

  • ...that shows the complete activity stream of the configured facebook page. The user can click on a button to load the next activity items from the facebook page.

Configure the application (Facebook)

  • Go to the admin control panel of your site and login with your account.
  • Go to Community > Itzknotty > Settings
  • Select the tab for the facebook settings

Fill in your data:

  • Facebook Pagename
    The name of the page you want retrieve data from (https://www.facebook.com/your-pagename). You could also insert the id of a group or other endpoints that support the "feed" configuration. But: the data must be public accessable!
  • Facebook App ID
    The app id of your application. For further information how to create an app scroll down.
  • Facebook App Secret
    The secret of your application.


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